“You’ve Got Mail!”

Ah … I just received a private message from someone named “Stuart”! How exciting!

Except … I actually receive a number of private messages from the same online dating site every single day. That may very well make me sound popular, and maybe even “drop-dead-gorgeous”, but funnily enough, despite all the private messages I receive, I don’t have an active profile!

You see, despite my skepticism regarding online dating, one cold evening when feeling a little downhearted and dangerously close to old (as we all feel sometimes), I decided, “Oh, what the hell!”, and signed up to a dating website that is supposedly for busy professionals. However, after the initial sign-up, I decided that I had no interest in filling in one of those long-winded online profiles about who I am, and who I’m looking for.  I soon realised that I am just too busy to have the time for a relationship, nor do I even want one at the moment. If I did, I would have surely taken the time to fill in the profile. More to the point, if I had spent quality time in writing a full profile to ensure others know who I am, to attract a potential mate based upon my personality and mutual interests, etc., how many people would actually take the time to really read all of my (or any other person’s) profile, anyway…?

Generally speaking, most people will see a pretty face and it will prompt them to send a message to that person. After a bit of online tittle-tattle and abbreviated messages (“hw bout we go 2 pub sum time”), they will go on a date with someone who is probably highly incompatible with them, never having actually read the person’s profile properly in the first place. But, maybe I am being completely unfair. Whilst I always take the time to read another person’s words carefully, I do get the impression that not everyone is quite so thorough.

The fact that I am receiving so many messages from people like “Stuart”, when my profile has bugger all on it (not even a photo!), may perhaps, go some way in substantiating my suspicion.

On the other hand, it certainly seems to corroborate the reports on the increasing number of fraudulent profiles circulating the web, and serves as a reminder as to how we should remain vigilant where our online security is concerned.

I, for one, will be sticking to the old-fashioned method of meeting potential partners via real-life interaction.

As for Stuart… Perhaps he is an online rogue of some description, or an escort touting for business, or maybe he genuinely is a very lonely and desperate man, whom I should give the benefit of the doubt. After all, he does seem compelled to message people regardless of whether they actually have a profile or not. Poor guy.

Let us hope that “Stuart”, “James”, “Will”, “Tom”, et al, will all find true love one day.

7 thoughts on ““You’ve Got Mail!”

  1. Dark Puss says:

    Aargh! You have found me out! I must change my aliases :-))

  2. *like* … where’s the like button? I like this. It’s funn-ee. And am unable to share my like, except for *like*(ing) it here, via a comment. P.s – I think U.S online dating is a lot more fruitful than our Brit/Aus counterparts. Seems a bit more accepted and widespread over there, which I guess kinda makes it better. Just a thought.

    • Why, t’ank you, kind sir! :))
      Yes, people are much more open to online dating, and indeed, dating in general in the US, I believe. I’m told that it is very common – and even acceptable – to date 4 people at a time in New York, during the early dating stages where people are just meeting up, and first getting to know each other. That concept seems completely alien to me. Here, people don’t really contemplate dating another person until the first person turns out to be a no-goer, as it would not be considered good etiquette for finding a serious long-term partner. As for American online dating… Hmm, might be a little too long distance for me! :))

  3. Arabella-bo says:

    Love it! So true!

  4. Gunta says:

    I know several couples who met and married from online dating site here in the US. It sounds creepy to me. Judging by results I wouldn’t recommend it. Then again whenever I go on Skype, I keep getting offers of Russian brides despite my privacy settings against random folk invading. Go figure…. ;)

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